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The Townsville & District Beekeepers Association Inc is the largest bee club in Queensland with over 400 members. We cater to all beekeepers, from backyarders with a single hive to to semi-commercial operators with over 100 hives, as well as to native bee enthusiasts.


Thinking of keeping bees?

There is no doubt that the best way to get started is by joining your local beekeeping club. At the Townsville and District Beekeepers Association we can help not only with information, but with equipment and honey bees too – everything you need to get started!

We also have a strong interest in native bees, both colony and solitary species.

Blue Banded Bee

Bees are the ultimate social insect. This aspect, and the products so generously provided by the bees, makes beekeeping one of the most enduring and rewarding hobbies you could wish for.  This image shows a queen and worker bees on capped brood.

Bees are the ultimate pollinator too. It is estimated that one in three mouthfuls we eat is thanks to bees.

Bee on Sunflower
We are very excited to announce that Townsville & District Beekeepers Assn Inc has recently become a Certified Flow Ambassador. So what does this mean? Townsville & District Beekeepers Assn Inc are able to offer assistance and support to flow hive users in and around the Townsville & district and using the unique link in the image above this post you can purchase your own Flow Hive at an exclusive discounted price as well as earning the club credits. This is your chance to become part of the Flow Hive community and enjoy the buzz of this revolution in beekeeping. Enjoy the thrill of working with the bees and benefit from their hard work as they pollinate plants in your area and produce delicious sweet honey that you can harvest directly from your hive. There is no mess and much less effort than extracting honey by conventional methods and you get raw natural honey. To get your very own Flow hive and start your beekeeping journey contact the club and we will help you get started on the right foot. We can't wait to help you achieve the sweet rewards of beekeeping.

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